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An urban courtyard

The brief for this project was to design an oasis of calm for city dwellers.  The problem posed by this space was that it’s very small and surrounded by buildings. 

The residents of two apartments share this urban courtyard; the intention was to create a setting that evokes a feeling of residing far away from the concrete jungle.   The garden design offers enclosed private spaces, as well as an attractive communal area in a sunnier spot, which is ideal for socialising with friends.

The planting design features tall, transparent grasses that provide light movement, height and seclusion to the different areas - without encroaching on the limited space.  Soft planting choices provide a striking contrast to the luxurious hard landscaping offered by copper, black hardwood and pale limestone.  These hard textures provide an attractive backdrop for the planting, which brightens the courtyard with intense strips of colour.  The whole effect is of an enveloping opulence, and a luxurious retreat away from the city.