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Cambridge Cottage

To create an idyllic wedding and events venue, the client brief  requested: “an inspirational space that is flexible and stimulating in use, but which forms an impressive backdrop to the house and a link to the wider gardens.”

The problem posed by this garden was its general lack of character; there were no features that gave it any impact and would appeal to clients seeking a wedding venue.  There was also no real connection to the historical house that it borders.

The new design flows between the fixed points of Cambridge Cottage and the church on Kew Green.  It also extends views out to the gardens of Kew and beyond.  As the design curves around the space it creates separate areas, which increases flexibility for hosting different events.  There are wide gravel areas, mature trees and broad inviting lawns, where people can gather socially.  For more intimate moments, the landscaping design features smaller spaces, such as the sunken fountain area and seating. 

The curves of the garden design are defined throughout by neatly clipped, curving beech hedges, trees and borders of perennial and grass planting.  Restricted use of hard landscaping materials and repetition of simple coloured planting schemes creates a stylish and relaxing event space.