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This redesign is part of a 22-acre site in South Wales.  The brief was to link the gardens directly to a new restaurant  serving locally grown, seasonal food.  The gardens should retain the characteristics of the traditional site, whilst providing a new dynamic to the space.

The challenge presented was that, whilst offering wonderful views, the space was inflexible as it was disjointed from the rest of the site.

A curved design following the contours of the site creates a sense of flow.  Dry stone walls designed around the contours of the site divide up the space.  These provide a link to the area under development and its surrounding landscape.  This is a vision for the future, incorporating ecological features and extending the use of the site.  Traditional materials, limestone, slate and oak,  reflect the agricultural and industrial past, whilst the introduction of contemporary landscaping creates additional interest in the area.  The main development is the new restaurant, which has a forest garden providing home grown food for the kitchens.  To the front of the restaurant, a spacious curved oak deck hosts a generous seating area which, in turn, leads to a viewing platform that looks out over the spectacular valley.