My complete garden design process – step by step

My garden design service begins with a complimentary initial consultation.  We’ll explore your general requirements and establish exactly how you envisage using your finished outdoor space.  Following this first meeting, you’ll receive a design brief.

If required, I can commission a site survey  to ensure that your outdoor space is accurately assessed from the outset.

The next step is the presentation of  a concept proposal, it will outline a master plan, including initial sketches and a mood board.  Client visualisation in the early stages of garden design is key to a successful finished project; I produce both hand drawings and CAD images to convey the overall look and feel of your garden.

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Once the final design has been agreed, more detailed design work will be provided.  This comprises of construction drawings, planting schemes and specifications, which are then submitted to landscapers.

With landscapers on board, I offer project monitoring throughout the transformation of your outside space. 

To ensure that you continue to enjoy your garden over the years, my services include provision of a maintenance plan and long-term garden management advice.